“During my tenure as Director of Human Resources (2002 to 2011 ) I engaged Desander Mas, of Shield Mas Learning Resources, to conduct several customer service workshops for our administrative and clinic staff. Mr. Mas (Des) was highly recommended to me by Nancy Fritsche Eagan, who had helped us establish supervisory training. He had a long history of providing customer service and other workshops for New York City employees. We were extremely pleased with Des' s trainings. His sense of humor and his non-threatening manner won over our employees, some of whom were nervous and defensive, as they had not previously attended training. We saw a marked improvement in the way our staff greeted our clients, as well as treated their colleagues from other departments.” Janet Sellwood, former Director of Human Resources, Childrens Aid Society

“Without a doubt, I find Desander’s presentations to be of the highest quality and his delivery is always engaging.  Des’ comprehensive knowledge of the subject he is presenting allows him the flexibility to be humorous while motivating participants.  It is always a pleasure to work with Des, his presence is calming and his passion evident.  Participants leave sessions with the tools that are necessary to succeed.” Jackie Womack-Worrell, Associate Director, PDLM/OHRM, CUNY

“Today’s workshop, presented by Desander Mas, on the topic of building relationships with the candidates we audit was of the highest quality. My staff was engaged, felt valued and Desander gave them tools and strategies to handle any situation that might come across their desks.   He used humor, interactive exercises and relatable examples to demonstrate techniques for handling even the most difficult candidate with grace, dignity and professionalism.  The comment I heard most often after the presentation was,  you have got to have him back, which we will.” Roberta Maria Baldini, Assistant Executive Director, Campaign Finance Board, City of New York


sampling of Anonymous Testimonials from 2018 (copy of originals provided upon request)

“Desander is a wonderful person to lead this course. He has the demeanor of a college professor and makes the course a joy to take with his captivating personal stories. He is also adept at keeping the class engaged and relating to participants both collectively and individually. Lastly, and most importantly, he is able to convey a great deal of useful information in a thorough and comprehensive fashion. Desander was a pleasure to learn from and is a true professional.” 

“This was one of the best job trainings I have every attended and Des’ professionalism is unmatched as a trainer. Bring him back!!!”

“Excellent presentation and awesome presenter.”

“One of the most engaging trainings I’ve attended in a while.”

 “The course was very informative and the instructor held my attention. I really enjoyed his stories and examples. Awesome class!”