Shields Mas Learning Resources, Inc.

Our Mission

Every organization has a Brand – defined or not. That Brand is communicated 24/7 on social media, by management and by frontline staff. SMLR and its partners’ mission is to define and reinforce your organization’s Brand in three ways:

  • developing customer relationships that demonstrate, internally and externally, its commitment to the organization’s Brand, mission and values;

  • creating a unique, compelling and succinct story for social media;

  • empowering management with the skills to deliver their story – persuasively, in their own voice – to clients, prospects and investors.


What We Deliver…


persuasively presenting Your Brand, ideas, products and services


Your Message on Social Media

People don’t want more information. They want a story they can relate to.


We Want To Hear From You

Interested in learning how you can help your team, organization, or company achieve excellence?  We want to hear from you.  Contact us to have a team member be in touch.