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City University of New York (CUNY) Colleges and Professional Schools

CUNY, “…spans 25 campuses across the city’s five boroughs providing exceptional access for high school graduates, high academic quality, numerous programs to support student completion and deep connections with important industries for career success.” The Shields Mas Learning Resources, Inc. (SMLR, Inc.), team has a proven track record in assessing, developing and enhancing the skills and capabilities of its administrative staff and management in customer service and managing interpersonal relationships for CUNY’s Colleges and Professional Schools.  This includes:

  • Identifying their needs and concerns as it relates to management, departments, faculty and students;

  • Enabling them to rediscover their important role in contributing to the success of students, faculty, the college and themselves;

  • Being motivated to want to make a difference;

  • Reinforcing the importance and value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace;

  • Understanding the power of empathy;

  • Strengthening of cooperation and relationships between departments;

  • Providing interpersonal relationship tools to effectively manage the customer service process;

  • Techniques for managing irate and challenging customers;

  • Identifying and committing to specific actions to apply at the workplace.

Since 2010 the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) has had over 1,000 of its administration – from the College President to the frontline staff – participate in the Dynamic Customer Service and Managing & Coaching Customer Service programs.  

In addition to BMCC, in 2019 we have worked with Brooklyn College, CUNY Central Office, LaGuardia Community College, Queensborough Community College, York College and most recently CUNY School of Law.  


“Working with Des of Shields Mas Leaning Resources was an absolute pleasure. CUNY Law holds a day-long annual Staff Professional Development event every June for staff members, this year featured Des and his colleagues, who facilitated an interactive session on Managing Customer and Interpersonal Relationships. Their training was not boilerplate but rather customized to fit the CUNY Law culture. Since its inception in 2013 the participation of staff for the Staff Professional Development Day had started to decrease, however this year’s event was by far the most attended, interactive, fun event for all who participated. Thank you, Des and team, for your wonderful program!”Elizabeth M. Johnston, Director of HR & Payroll, CUNY School of Law

“Without a doubt, I find Desander’s presentations to be of the highest quality and his delivery is always engaging.  Des’ comprehensive knowledge of the subject he is presenting allows him the flexibility to be humorous while motivating participants.  It is always a pleasure to work with Des, his presence is calming and his passion evident.  Participants leave sessions with the tools that are necessary to succeed.”   Jackie Womack-Worrell, Associate Director, Professional Development and Learning Management (PDLM)/Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM), CUNY

The City of New York

The challenge for the City of New York was to show its taxpaying customers that they are being responsive to their needs. At the same time, the challenge for frontline staff, supervisors and managers was to manage customers respectfully and effectively. To answer these challenges, SMLR was asked to develop a customer service program. The program focused on reinforcing the vital role City employees have in providing critical services. It also provided participants with skills, knowledge, and mindset to more effectively manage customer service, reduce stress, and increase customer satisfaction. The result is that SMLR’s Dynamic Customer Service program is now the customer service training for the City of New York.


The partners and associates of one of America’s leading law firms required around the clock support from their receptionists, mail room, messengers and supply room staff.  As part of their emphasis on continuous staff improvement, SMLR was selected to develop and facilitate a pilot workshop focused on the psychology and skills of Customer Service Excellence. The pilot was so well received that SMLR also implemented two additional staff enhancements: Telephone Techniques and Successful Workplace Communications.

financial services

SMLR implemented the Soaring with Excellence workshop with the Specialized Institutional Group (SIG) of Merrill Lynch. Participants from every level of SIG enthusiastically engaged in this workshop focusing on how to use teamwork and esprit de corps to accomplish aggressive goals.

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pharmaceuticals and healthcare

More than 2,000 sales, operational, and senior staff of Pfizer Inc., nationwide and in Canada, attended the Eagles workshop.  This powerful training experience, facilitated by Desander Mas, guided individuals toward excellence by helping them balance and integrate personal and professional goals.  Key areas of the workshop included:  greater appreciation of one's talents and abilities, increased self-confidence, reinforcement of the value of self-awareness, development of a personal vision blueprint, better understanding of the your fundamental purpose, and recognition of the impact you have in other people's lives.