How To Get What You Need from a Public Agency

What’s more, in working with thousands of public sector employees for over 20 years, we can assure you that they can also have a great deal of trepidation in working with you. 

First, they have to deal with assumptions – stereotypes – that much of the public has about them as civil servants - that they are lazy and uninformed. Second, they don't know whether you are going to be friendly or angry, calm or agitated, complimentary or insulting. Third, they don't know whether you understand that they really do want to be a problem-solver and help you gain the benefits of the multitudes of programs offered by the government – which are often very complex – that will benefit and protect you, your family and your business.

Unfortunately, the process to gaining some benefits can be long and the paperwork challenging – but the vast majority of our civil servants want to help you (consider how many civil servants are working now without pay during this government shutdown).

So, what can you do to Get What You Need from a Public Agency? Here are four tips to consider:

  • Be friendly. Most people are much more receptive to helping someone when they a smile and give a cordial greeting;

  • Be prepared. Ensure that you have all the documentation needed to discuss your problem. Check online with the government agency you want to help you for answers and documents you may need;

  • Be understanding. Consider the numerous customers they work with, and the complexity involved in solving a problem. And, recognize that it take some time, and there could be myriad amount of paperwork to complete;

  • Be thankful. Express thanks for the help you received. Everyone loves a compliment.

Desander Mas