Are You Making the Impression Your Organization Deserves?

In the high-stakes world of donor dollars, foundation grants, and community competitions … how are you faring? Competition is fiercer than ever, time and attention given to your services is way down, and your digital footprint can live in infamy. You have probably updated the information in your presentation to reflect your latest successes and numbers … but when was the last time you updated the way you present yourself and your organization?

There’s no better time to consider what kind of impression you are making on decision-makers who are used to – and raised on – quick pitches and instant takeaways.

In the digital era, the first impression you make may be the only bite of the apple you get.  You can’t afford to be uncomfortable, or, even worse, outdated. You know the problem your organization is trying to solve, so why be part of the problem?

If your presentation – and your presentation skills – are more than one or two years old, you are affecting your bottom line in ways you really can’t afford.  

Are You Making the Impression Your Organization Deserves?

There’s only one way to make your organization stand out in the battle for funding:  You need to present the information your audience needs right now in a way that they will listen.  While that might mean an update to your presentation software, just as critical is your ability to deliver your pitch at the proper length, with the proper balance of emotion, data -- and sound bites that serve as crucial takeaways.

Every non-profit’s well stocked arsenal needs to include the following basic tools that can be customized as needed:

·       1 minute elevator pitch

·       15 minute presentation

·       30 minute speech

·       Employee talking points

By tailoring your presentation to each audience segment you’re addressing, you increase the likelihood of your value proposition resonating with your listeners. You grab their attention right away by making your organization speak to their interests, and then you can hold the floor with your unique value proposition … the mission you believe in that stands the test of time.

You don’t need a second chance if you get it right the first time.

Written by Desander Mas

Desander Mas