Leverage Your Staff’s Expertise to Help Sell Customers– and Improve Your Profitability

Just like Windows 95 is so last century, so is thinking that only you or your sales reps can bring in new business. Just as you know about updating your technology regularly, you also need to update your selling strategy. When you help maximize your customers’ sales potential, you’re strengthening your own organization in the process – and your own profitability. 

Updating your selling strategy means starting internally by turning every employee into a sales advocate. An analytic look at your customer touchpoints can identify opportunities to provide a better customer experience, create synergistic partnerships, and earn greater loyalty. After all, who knows your customers better than the line employees who work with them every day? 

By not fully utilizing your customer service team, you might be falling short of being a true synergistic partner. However, you can ensure a mutually successful experience by considering the following: 

·     Ensuring your employees are knowledgeable about all your company’s capabilities, and how they make a difference to the customer

·     Encouraging and rewarding your front-line staff to communicate customer complaints, insights and leads. 

·     Facilitating communications between the sales force and customer service teams by having regularly scheduled meetings (at least once a month).

By looking at how your own sales process can serve and complement your clients’ sales goals, you are cultivating relationships with limitless potential. Not only will your customers turn to you first for expert advice, their continued earning potential means they have more assets they can use to strengthen their relationship with you. Your ultimate success comes from helping your clients surpass their own expectations. 

Written by Desander Mas



Desander Mas