The Evolving Customer Experience, the Path to Lifetime Value

Just like Windows 95 is so last century, so is thinking that only you or your sales reps can bring in new business. Just as you know about updating your technology regularly, you also need to update your selling strategy. When you help maximize your customers’ sales potential, you’re strengthening your own organization in the process – and your own profitability. 

Whether your organization serves business customers or deals directly with consumers, customer empowerment is no longer just a trend you can ignore, but a critical component to succeeding in today’s marketplace. It’s no longer possible to merely meet customer expectations, every customer touchpoint must exceed expectations. 

Service excellence is now defined by the customer. The same mobile phone and internet technology that defines instant access, accurate information, and unprecedented options in our daily lives is also driving business demands. 

What’s more, with delays or issues, any customer with a mobile phone can connect directly with social media to broadcast their experience with your company, regardless of the time of day, leaving you little recourse but after-the-fact damage control. A small proportion of customer interactions can have an enormous impact on overall loyalty and retention.

The digital world has redefined customer service as “customer experience.”

Providing a world-class customer service experience requires you to support new and different types of requests with real-time information, fully integrated teamwork, and best-in-class knowledge management tools. Are you prepared for the era of customer choice?

Taking control of your customer experience requires staying on top of what customers expect – and empowering your employees to deliver value that differentiates you from your competitors.

A SWOT analysis of your customer touchpoints can identify opportunities to provide a better customer experience, create synergistic partnerships, and earn greater loyalty. By analyzing your customer interactions in the context of your industry landscape, you can generate specific insights that can help your business reach its full operational and earning potential.





Desander Mas