Are You Ready to Meet New York State's New Anti-Sexual Harassment Mandate?

Sexual harassment awareness has been a hot topic in light of the #metoo movement, and now New York State has passed legislation requiring all companies with 15 or more employees to provide mandatory sexual harassment policies and training, even to interns. 

By January 1, 2019, every employer must have a written sexual harassment policy and provide sexual harassment awareness training.  

The Policy

The policy must be distributed to all interns and employees and, notably, must include the following: 

  • A statement prohibiting sexual harassment and providing examples of what constitutes sexual harassment.

  • Information about federal and state sexual-harassment laws and the remedies that are available to victims—and a statement that there may be additional local laws on the matter.

  • A standard complaint form.

  • Procedures for a timely and confidential investigation of complaints that ensures due process for all parties.

  • An explanation of employees' external rights of redress and the available administrative and judicial forums for bringing complaints.

  • A statement that sexual harassment is a form of employee misconduct and that sanctions will be enforced against those who engage in sexual harassment and against supervisors who knowingly allow such behavior to continue.

  • A statement that it is unlawful to retaliate against employees who report sexual harassment or who testify or assist in related proceedings.

The Training

The training, to be provided on an annual basis for all employees, including managerial and supervisory employees, must include five specific subject areas outlined in the law, including: 

1.     an explanation of sexual harassment; 

2.     examples of unlawful conduct; 

3.     state and federal laws addressing sexual harassment and remedies; 

4.     conduct and responsibilities of supervisors; and 

5.     information concerning employees’ rights and all available forums to adjudicate complaints.  

How we can help you meet the deadline for this mandate. 

  1. Provide a customized anti-sexual harassment policy that meets state and city regulations. Our attorney associate has over 20 years’ experience working with company policies and can work with you on a policy that is right for your environment. 

  2. Provide classroom training– especially for managers and senior managers – that enables them to ask questions, and ensure they are clear about all the provisions of the city and state law. Our experienced trainers can help you make sure your program meets the legal requirements and covers all management and executive responsibilities.

  3. Provide online interactive training. Our web-based, online training can be delivered to any employee desktop. This allows them to take the course based on their availability, work at their own pace, and maximize the time available in their daily schedule. Our courses include topical quizzes and a final test of awareness. Our software tracks employee participation, score, and completion, and we file all paperwork necessary for city and state requirements. 

The Shields Mas Learning Resources team can ensure that you have the Anti-Sexual Harassment policy, training and certification required to meet New York State's and New York City's mandates. Contact us for details.

Desander Mas