Hiring for Customer Service Excellence – and Lifetime Customer Value

Here's the good news: Your hard work is paying off and business is booming! Customers are calling. Customers are buying. And it’s time to interview and onboard more staff to create the customer experience that will take you into long-term success

And then the rub: The hiring process is time-consuming; you are new to this and need some guidance; and making an offer to someone only to find out you’re not getting the performance you need is an expensive mistake.

As far as financial distress is concerned, Falon Fatemi notes, “According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee's first-year earnings. For a small company, a five-figure investment in the wrong person is a threat to the business.”

Even more devastating? Hiring the wrong people costs more than money. 

“While the financial impact is quantifiable, chief financial officers actually rank a bad hire's morale and productivity impacts ahead of monetary losses,” Fatemi continues.

What are your options?

You CAN achieve hiring success with savvy and smarts

Knowing how to recognize the right people to hire is a combination of experience, instinct and meticulous methodology; the resume gives you an idea of the person’s experience and attention to detail, while a face-to-face interview lets you in on the applicant’s personality and style. 

The answer to this equation of on-paper plus in-person can point you in the direction of knowing if the applicant is a good fit with you and your company values.

But Customer Service is a special case, and many businesses make the mistake of treating frontline employees as dispensable and do not take proper care in the hiring process. To hire the right Customer Service Representatives, you have to be able to identify the right mindset that cannot be seen in a job interview or on a resume. 

You can learn how to recognize the right people to support your business. 

  • Superior customer service professionals have a unique mindset that cannot be seen in a job interview or on a resume

  • Like an iceberg in the ocean, you only see the 10% that is above the surface and not the 90% beneath the surface

  • We can teach you how to identify that gap of critical unseen information to help ensure you are hiring the right person for the right job

By implementing proven hiring methodologies, you can enhance teamwork, reduce turnover and improve your competitive edge. And by making the right frontline employees the face of your company to your customers, you are cultivating loyal customer relationships with limitless potential.

Desander Mas