Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

As of January 1, 2019, New York State law requires all employers to have an anti-sexual harassment prevention policy and training for all employees. Beginning April 1, 2019, New York City employers, with 15 or more employees, must also provide anti-sexual harassment training to all of their New York City employees (including interns) annually. The anti-sexual harassment policies and training require the following:

  1. Written policy for all employees that meet or exceed the standards established by the New York State Department of Labor;

  2. Training: Employers must conduct initially, and then on an annual basis, trainings for all employees, including managerial and supervisory personnel and then on an annual basis. Training must include five subject areas:

1)   Definition of sexual harassment;

2)   Examples of conduct that is unlawful; 

3)   Remedies addressing sexual harassment as defined by city, state and federal laws;

4)   Responsibilities and conduct expected of all management personnel;

5)   Employees’ rights and all available forums for them to adjudicate complaints.  

Shields Mas Learning Resources and its legal team provides the assistance you need to meet New York State and New York City Anti-Sexual Harassment policy development and training deadlines. This includes:

1)   Developing Policy manual that defines New York State and New York City laws and includes organizational policies (as described in the training);

2)   Providing interactive training both online and in-person; 

3)   Scheduling personnel, documenting participation and successful completion of the training.

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