Managing Customer Service Excellence

This customized two-day course accomplishes three goals in reinforcing the customer service skills of the frontline staff: First, to reinforce their value as employees of their organization and the critically important role they have in delivering vital services to the customers they serve. Second, to motivate supervisors and managers to reinforce in their teams to deliver courteous and effective customer service. Third, to provide them with the tools and training that will empower them to have the desire and confidence to deliver services to the customers that are of the highest standards. 


  • Your organization’s Customer Service process and understanding its challenges for the frontline;

  • The Comfort Zone and its impact on attitudes, communication skills and accountability;

  • Awareness of how you react to others in professional and personal situations;

  • Your current coaching skills.

Photo by metamorworks/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by metamorworks/iStock / Getty Images

Become more skilled at:

  • Understanding of personal, employee and customer behaviors;

  • Applying a common language reinforcing good communication practices;

  • Reinforcing and identifying 10 skills and behaviors customer service representatives need to apply and avoid in customer service situations in their agency;

  • Practicing and applying tools to manage, coach and maintain Customer Service Excellence.