Dynamic Customer Service

If you believe that excellence in customer service can make a difference to your reputation and your bottom line, then it’s important to look at how to make the customer experience a part of your organizational culture. Our Dynamic Customer Service process provides front-line staff, managers and supervisors with skills, knowledge, and attitudinal awareness that will enable them to reinforce critical customer service concepts. It will enhance their ability to manage stress, improve customer service satisfaction and take advantage of revenue-generating opportunities.

In our Dynamic customer service workshops, your organization will learn how to:

  • Recognize that everyone is a customer;
  • Reinforce the importance of promoting excellence in customer service with internal and external customers;
  • Enhance self-confidence;
  • Identify the importance and value of positive first impressions;
  • Identify and apply the Four-Step Customer CARE Process  that reduces stress and increases customer satisfaction;
  • Help customers to answer sensitive questions.

our workshops are designed to create win-win-win solutions:

  • Cross-sell customers on their needs and concerns;
  • Identify the skills and attitudes of quality telephone service;
  • Handle challenging customers with less stress and more confidence;
  • Say “No” in a way so customers react in more positive manner;
  • Practice the Four-Step Customer CARE Process that develops composure, control and confidence.