Consultative Selling

A two-day workshop for sales executives to enhance their ability to effectively create, identify, and close more selling opportunities at the business-to-business and public-private partnership levels.


  • How managing the climate effects the outcome of every meeting;
  • What makes clients more willing to reveal their real concerns and needs;
  • How skill in asking questions can dramatically differentiate you from the competition;
  • How to use the client’s listening process to make a decision.


  • Increasing sales by using climate management techniques throughout every customer contact;
  • Learning how to set yourself apart from your competitors at the beginning of every sales call;
  • Learning how to help your clients be more comfortable about answering sensitive questions;
  • Creating a greater sense of urgency in clients by using an empathetic questioning approach to identify and confirm the client’s real needs;
  • Presenting mutually beneficial solutions to the client in a way that significantly increases the clients’ buy-in;
  • Using an objection response method that turns client’s objections and questions into positive, problem-solving opportunities;
  • Gaining a commitment to a solution and establishing next steps.


NON-PROFIT • The ability to share the mission of your non-profit to prospective donors and then to persuasively gain their financial support and commitment to your mission is critical. Whether you are the Executive Director, Fundraiser or an Employee of a non-profit, you have the opportunity to enhance the financial goals and well-being of your organization. Our consultative process looks at sustaining the motivation Identifying fundraising strategies that work: targeting your prospective donors; developing and cultivating a relationship for their support; gaining and securing their long-term financial support.

MEDICAL • Medical sales is a dynamic and rewarding industry that includes medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biopharma, dental and more.  Our consultative focus enables medical sales professionals to more effectively: target providers; develop customized discussions focused on clients needs; develop collaborative relationships to more efficiently sell products and brands; and maintain a relationship that adapts to changing conditions.