Communicating Brand Value

“Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid.” Homer

Communicating Brand Value through your presentations should be exciting, interesting and thoughtful. Giving a compelling, persuasive and succinct presentation about your Vision and your Brand is what leads investors to “Yes”, persuades buyers to purchase your products and services and motivates teams to reach new goals and objectives. Whatever your presentation, the audience will have an emotional reaction to it. The emotions you create, with the personal, relevant stories you share with your audience will influence your audience and the decisions they make as a result of your presentation. As a result of our personalized workshop you and your team will:

  • Clearly articulate your Brand’s objectives and goals;

  • Develop your personal storytelling capabilities that supports your social media story and values;

  • Demonstrate authentic passion and enthusiasm;

  • Capture attention:  Get people to listen to you, your ideas, what your Brand represents and your purpose;

  • Become more self confident in yourself;

  • Master the careful balance between non-verbal and verbal communication;

  • Create calls to action that result in "Yes."

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Making a Difference by Storytelling & Communicating Brand Value


According to BoardSource, there are 1.6 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. Most of these are charities, followed by foundations and social advocacy groups. What do they need?  Money!  How do they get it? By making connections with people they meet, passionately sharing their Brand’s story and assertively asking for their support.


Competition is fierce among the millions of organizations that are trying to establish their Brand in social media. What makes the difference?  First, an organization that can clearly and persuasively define its story, its values and its Brand on social media. Second, an organization’s executive team that can confidently communicate - with passion and authenticity - to investors, to clients, prospects and investors that story. Third, an organization’s frontline customer service excellence that embodies the value of the organization.  


City, state and federal government has a significant impact on the people it represents and serves. With funding scarce and minimum dollars for public relations, it’s the government employees, supervisors, managers and directors that make the difference in the communities they serve. Each agency represents a Brand that they communicate from their frontline to the executive staff. They are always communicating their story, their values, to the public, to other government entities, to community boards and advocacy groups. The challenge is ensuring that their story and their values aligns with their organization.